How to fix the black visions community’s inability to share news

It has long been a thorn in the side of the black community.

But it’s the collective’s inability, after the death of a friend, to share its stories and photos with the public that has led to an alarming trend among black youths.

The black visions group is a group of close to 20 young people who are obsessed with sharing their personal stories.

“Black Visionaries are the most amazing people in the world,” said the group’s founder, Prakash Rana.

“We are not only about the things that we see but also the things we hear and feel and think.”

“The stories that we share have the potential to affect the lives of other black people, too,” he added.

This is a compilation of stories shared on, a website dedicated to the Black Visionaries.

Each post includes an author bio and a link to their Twitter page.

It has over 3,000 followers.

While the group has been active for several years, it has not been active since the death last year of one of its members, a friend of Rana’s, who died after an illness.

The group was then shut down by the authorities.

“We had no choice but to shut down,” Rana said.

“There was no way that we could continue to run the website, which is a place where we share our stories.”

The group is also trying to find an alternative to social media.

The website was recently revamped to be more accessible to young people.

“The reason why we had to go social media was because people didn’t want to share,” Rane said.

The group also has been experimenting with new media to keep its community together.

“I think that social media is the most powerful platform in the community because there are no boundaries,” said Rana, who is also a software engineer.

“It is a platform that you can use and not be judged,” he said.

This has not helped ease the black vision community’s social isolation.

The site has only just been relaunched after the police said they were looking into whether to take action against the group.

“Even today, it is still not easy to find black people to talk to,” said a 22-year-old who asked not to be named.

The community has also struggled to get its stories shared in mainstream media.

Many of the posts on the website are in Hindi.

“Many of our stories are not in English and we cannot afford to pay to be published in English,” said Nalini, another 22-old.

“This is why we are going to try to get it in English.

But unfortunately, it’s difficult because we have to fight with the authorities for permission.”

While the government is yet to take a strong stand against the blackvisioners, the group is actively involved in social media campaigns.

“Social media has allowed us to have a bigger platform and a bigger voice,” said Prakak, adding that the group was “working with all the media platforms” to get their stories published.


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