‘I am not happy’: ‘I’m just a girl who loves cars’

I am not the most popular person in the world but, I am happy.

I am a young girl who likes cars, especially for myself.

I don’t mind being alone, I love to go to the cinema, I like to drive and I’m happy to spend my weekends with my girlfriend and her boyfriend.

We are from a rural village in the west of the country and we all grew up in the same home.

My family moved here to be closer to my family, but the weather here was cold and the people were not very friendly.

I had a bad time of it and I was lonely.

My first car was a Honda Accord.

My brother took me to his grandparents’ house in the hills of the south and I thought it would be a good place to start.

I remember that there was no internet, there was just a TV, so I didn’t even know that there were internet at the time.

It was a nice little place and I loved it.

Then, when I was 16, my dad got a job at a local shop.

We lived in a rented flat and he had to buy all the furniture, the car and the clothes for the shop.

When he came back, he gave me a big box full of stuff and he gave it to me.

It came with a certificate that said I was a new apprentice.

It was a bit strange, but at the same time I was really happy.

I loved working for him and I could do whatever I wanted.

My dad was a very hard worker and he made me feel comfortable.

He also had a big dream: I would become a professional photographer.

He was very excited and he was thinking about doing it.

When I was 18, he went to his brother’s house in a small village and asked me if I wanted to go there with him.

I said yes.

As I was waiting in the car, my brother was talking to a friend of mine who was working there.

My friend told my brother that the car was broken and they needed a replacement.

I was nervous and I told my friend what had happened.

He gave me the certificate that I was the apprentice and I didn,t want to go on.

I just wanted to have fun and have fun at work.

My brother was so worried about me and he told my father to bring me to the workshop.

My father didn’t know what to do.

I went with my brother to the shop and told them about the accident.

My dad said I didn´t need to go.

He didn´ts know how to handle a car.

My sister told my dad that she had been crying and she had to go with him because my brother had been very angry.

I cried and my father hugged me and told me that he would do everything for me.

When my brother got back home, he told me to call him at the workshop and to tell him that I had the certificate.

My parents came and picked me up at the shop, but my brother didn´ t tell me that.

I didn t know what happened, but when I told them, they said: ”We don´t know where you are, but you will be okay, just go home.”

I was so scared.

My father and I stayed with my sister and brother for a couple of weeks and I took them to a museum in the village.

They were very nice people.

They showed me everything, and they showed me the car.

It looked really good and it was so nice to be able to drive it.

My brothers brother told me later that my father had always been a very good driver and that I would be able do well in this profession.

I thought about going back to school but I didn`t want my sister to go back to work.

My mother had to take care of the family and it wasn´t easy.

One day, while I was in school, my mother was having a stroke and my brother came to visit.

When the stroke was over, my father was very angry and I went to visit him.

My brothers brother was very sad, but he said: ‘You can go home, but we need you to do everything that you can.

I have no time for you.’

My father was angry and he kicked me and hit me a lot.

My father said: ”What did I do?”

I told him that he didn´T know what he did.

He started to cry.

I told his father that I didn�t want him to hurt me and that he should leave me alone.

He left me alone and then I started to talk to my mother.

She came to me and said:”We have to go home.

We need to see my father.”

I said that I wanted him to go and I said: I want to live like this and I want everything to


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