The artist behind the ‘Maniacal’ mural at the National Museum of Art

A giant mural painted by French artist Arturia v (the “Maniad”) on the National Museums of Art in Washington DC was vandalized Monday night, police said.

The work by Arturia, a French artist who died in 2012, was vandalised at 9 p.m.


According to the Metropolitan Police Department, two men spray painted the mural on the west wall of the National Gallery of Art, a building in the nation’s capital, with a large black spray paintbrush.

“I was in the gallery for an exhibition and it was completely empty,” said Arturia’s son, Jean-Luc Arturia.

“I went to get a picture taken, and I saw that a black paintbrush had been used on the wall.

It was so huge that I couldn’t reach it, so I just started crying.”

The spray paint-filled wall was eventually cleaned up and cleaned-up by police.

The vandalism came at the height of Arturia-led protests against President Donald Trump.

The artist was a frequent critic of Trump’s policies, including the president’s decision to cut the Smithsonian’s budget by more than $1 billion.

“Trump is a madman,” Arturia said in a 2007 New York Times interview.

“He’s an idiot, a lunatic.

I’m afraid he’s going to be a fascist.

But what is important is that he’s a mad man.”

Arturia died in October 2017.

A statement from the National Association of Black Journalists said the organization had been in contact with the police and “will continue to work with law enforcement to pursue justice for Arturia and his family.”

The statement also condemned the vandalism as a “despicable attack” and an act of “racism and hate.”


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