‘We’ve never met anyone like you’: The Criterion Collection’s latest collection of classic film and TV is a collection that captures the spirit of a movie’s spirit

The Criteria Collection is a new collection of films and television produced by Criterion, which was acquired by Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Classics.

It’s set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.

In the Criterion collection, we’re celebrating films that are as timeless as the first ones we saw as kids.

The Critias collection is an exploration of the films that were created during a golden age of film, from the 1940s to the present, and the collection also includes films that have yet to be shown to audiences.

Here are five films that we think are a must-see in the Critias Collection.1.

The Big SleepWritten by Woody Allen, this darkly comedic thriller about a young man and his young wife who decide to live together and become parents to their daughter is one of his most beloved works.

The film is the third film in the collection and the first to include a live-action adaptation of the story.

The cast includes Michael Cera, Kevin Spacey, and Paul Giamatti.2.

The Day the Earth Stood StillWritten by Martin Scorsese, this Oscar-nominated film is a look at the birth of humanity and its impact on the human condition.

Scorsicese directs from a screenplay written by his wife, Jane Fonda, and stars Matt Damon and Margot Robbie.3.

The Maltese FalconWritten by Jean-Luc Godard, this Italian drama is one part of the Criteria collection that celebrates film and music, with Godard’s characters in the film playing on the themes of love and loss.4.

The Birth of a NationWritten by the late George Clayton, this movie is a historical story about the Civil War that explores how the South fought back against slavery, racism, and oppression in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.5.

The Great GatsbyWritten by Robert Louis Stevenson, this novel about the rise and fall of tycoon Gatsbys is one in the classic American literature series.

Stevenson’s characters are named after the characters in his novels, including Gats by name, and his characters are born in the same house in New York.

This is a very special film collection, so be sure to check it out in January.

If you want to see what this collection has to offer, be sure you follow the links below for the complete collection and its full-length trailer.


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