When a little boy gets a pokemon collection from a mom, he’s a bit lost and confused –

Posted July 23, 2018 14:17:01 A little boy in South Australia is a bit confused when he discovers his parents have a collection of pokemon cards from Pokemon.

“I was thinking I’d get the first two, I was like, ‘Oh, you got the three’,” 15-year-old Ben said.

Ben said he found the card collection on his mother’s kitchen table in his room and was “pretty excited” to get it. “

It was a bit of a shock to me because I didn’t expect it, but I’m very happy to have it.”

Ben said he found the card collection on his mother’s kitchen table in his room and was “pretty excited” to get it.

“When I got home I was just like, how could I possibly get a card from my mum?

I just knew it was just going to be something that would keep me busy for a little bit,” he said.

Ben said the collection was very helpful and gave him confidence.

“You just feel like you’ve got a lot of good memories,” he added.

Ben, who works as a bus driver, said he has been keeping up with the collection.

“They’re just so cool.

It’s kind of like a collection that you’re always looking for.

It just keeps you going and it makes you think that’s all there is,” he explained.

“The first one I found, I thought was a random card.

I was thinking, ‘What’s this?’

But then I saw a picture of it and it was the card from the game I was playing and I got really excited.”

Ben’s mother, Angela, said her son has been collecting Pokemon cards since he was a young child.

“He was so happy when I opened it up,” she said.

Angela said Ben has always been fascinated by the game, and said she was always a little worried about what to do with his collection.

But she said Ben’s interest in Pokemon began about three years ago when he found a video of the character Pikachu on YouTube.

“We had a lot more video games on the Nintendo DS and we’d play a lot,” she explained.

Angela and Ben say the collection has helped them to bond over Pokemon.

Angela has been a Pokemon collector for a long time.

“There was always this video game collecting video game and I just kept putting cards into my DS,” she added.

“So when I found the Pikachu card and the other cards I was super excited, and I knew I had to get that one.”

Angela said it has been good to get Ben to appreciate the card collecting aspect of the hobby.

“If I had that Pikachu card in my hand, I would be super nervous.

I wouldn’t know what to think,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Angela’s husband, Chris, has been getting into Pokemon collecting for more than two years.

“As soon as I saw Pokemon I just wanted to be a Pokemon fan, and the more I saw the Pokemon cards and I realised how good they were, the more it started to come to the forefront,” he told ABC Adelaide.

Chris said the hobby has been great for his family.

“Because I’m a dad, and we don’t have a lot to do at the moment, I have to take him out and spend time with him,” he admitted.

He said Pokemon cards are a great asset to his family’s collection.”

Even if we’re not playing the game we’ve been watching the Pokemon videos, he just gets to see what the players are up to and he knows the characters.”

He said Pokemon cards are a great asset to his family’s collection.


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