When did the world start collecting ‘collectibles’?

A group of Australians have invented a new and innovative way of collecting ‘stuff’.

Photo: News Limited It’s a unique way of doing things that is ‘collectible’ in the same way as the Australian flag, as opposed to the white one, and it has some unusual similarities with the modern collectibles boom, including its collection of ‘sadomasochism’ collectibles.

Its a way of buying items that you might not otherwise be able to find, but can still be valuable and collectable, said its creator, Robyn.

“We wanted to give the collector a new way to find and purchase items that are very rare,” she said.

“[The idea is] to make collectibles that are much more collectable than the ones you would find in a store.”

Collectible items can be found in museums, art galleries and the like.

You can find collectibles in your local museum.

The project is based on a concept known as ‘sarcophagia’, in which people collect objects that they don’t normally have.

And, unlike modern collectible shops, they’re not selling the items online or in brick and mortar shops.

But they are selling the collectibles themselves, using the site to sell them for a small fee.

While there are plenty of other collectibles to choose from, including the famous old Australian flags, they are not usually very collectible.

In the US, for example, there are no rules for what qualifies as a ‘collectable’ item, meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all way to buy them.

Robyn said the project had been started to give collectors the ‘new collectibles’ they would have never seen before.

She said there were around 2,000 items on the site, which included things like the ‘Gothic’ and ‘Giant’ flags, but only about 400 were actually real.

So how did it work?

“The way we’re trying to get people to participate is by getting them to put their names and contact details in a form that can be used for the site,” she explained.

Then, people can submit their own details to be added to the database.

If they are chosen, they can then purchase an item at a “premium” price.

This is where things get tricky.

For instance, if the item is listed for $35, there is a $10 minimum order, which would require a customer to pay $35 more than the normal price to get the item.

There are no limits to how many items the site can have, meaning you can have up to 10 items per customer, but this is limited to the US.

It does not include international orders.

However, Roby says the project will eventually expand to other countries, such as the UK and Australia.

At present, the site has a “list of more than 1,000” items.

They’re not yet listed in the US and Australia, but they will be soon.

Why are people interested in collecting ‘saddomasochistic’ collectible items?

Because they are “quite a lot of fun to collect” and “a lot of people have never even heard of them” said Robyn, who works in digital marketing at a tech company.

Some people also like the fact that “it’s just fun to be in a shop, and not have to pay a fee”.

“People think, ‘What’s a collector to do?’,” she said, adding there was a “certain stigma attached to being a collector”.

The site is now available to sign up for a 30-day trial, and there is also a “Free Trial” option, meaning people can also receive a $25 gift card to their local museum for $50.

What are the advantages of the ‘sada’ system?

It is a “completely free” service, but Robyn says it also comes with a lot more benefits, including “not having to pay for shipping”.

She also said it was “an extremely easy and cheap way to get your hands on collectibles”.

It allows collectors to “have a hobby” without having to buy anything from a shop.

As a hobby, it’s a “nice little extra incentive to make some extra money, to have a hobby that you don’t want to pay the shop for, but are actually quite interested in,” she added.

Does the project work with other collectible markets?

Not yet, but its being tested in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and is also being developed in India, Singapore and Vietnam.

A similar site, The Australian Collectibles Marketplace, is currently being tested by another group in New Zealand.

Are the ‘collectables’ safe?

In Australia, it has been found that the material is not as ‘safe’ as it could be.


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