Disney Animators Collection Displays All-Time Biggest Hits, Shows Disney Animation’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ in HD

The Disney Animation Collection has been collecting some of the most iconic cartoons and features since its debut in 1994, and now you can enjoy all the best of it in a stunning HD format on the Blu-ray disc.

From The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pinocchio and more, you can watch the collection as it was originally meant to be seen, including the original animated movies as well as live-action shorts and specials.

With a staggering 70 years of animated history to explore, this is a fantastic way to take your kids to new places, whether they’re looking for a new ride, a new toy, a different favorite character or a new film.

This Disney Collection also includes animated shorts, a complete collection of short films, and a full set of original shorts from Disney Animation, including a collection of Disney shorts, shorts from the shorts department, shorts and more.

All of these animated shorts feature original music by Disney artists including: The Magic School Bus (Dario Argento), The Little Princess (Yara Shahidi), Mickey Mouse (Tim Allen), Cinderella (Kristen Stewart), Rapunzel (Alison Brie), Goofy (Jim Cummings), Minnie Mouse (Kristy Swanson), and Ariel (Meryl Streep).

Plus, there’s a whole lot more to the Disney Collection on Blu-Ray, including bonus features like interviews with some of Disney’s greatest animators, interviews with Disney Animation legends like Fred Van Lente and Joe Johnston, and more!

With a whopping 70 years worth of animation history to discover, this collection is sure to bring a whole new meaning to Disney Infinity.

The Disney Animation Series Collection of Animated Movies is comprised of a complete set of classic Disney Animated Movies, including: Toy Story, Aloha, Altered Beast, and Cars.

The Animated Series Collection includes over 40 Disney Animated Films, including Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Minnie the Frog.

The collection also includes the animated shorts from each of the original Disney Animated Studios, including Toy Story and Aladdin.

And of course, there are over 20 bonus features, including animated shorts and bonus features from Disney Studios.

This collection of Animated Features includes Disney Animation shorts, short films from the Disney Animation Studios, Disney animated shorts that debuted on other platforms, and Disney Animation films that debuted at Disney Parks around the world.

The Disney Animated Series collection also contains the Disney Animated short series “Frozen Fever,” which was the first animated short ever produced for the animated feature film Frozen.

This Animated Series Collector’s Edition comes with a collector’s box that includes all of the collectibles and extras included with the original release.

Disney’s Pixar Animation Collection features a complete Disney Animation collection, including Pixar Animation Studios shorts, animated shorts with original music from Disney artists like: The Great Mouse Detective (Bob Newhart), Finding Nemo (John Lasseter), Toy Story (Ed Catmull), Cars (Tim Burton), Monsters University (Terence Stamp), Finding Dory (Sylvester Stallone), Finding the Wild (Brad Bird), Finding Santa Clause (Paul Reubens), and Finding Dumbo (George Lucas).

Plus the Pixar Collection includes a full collection of animated shorts including shorts from Pixar Animation studios, including The Incredibles (John Williams), Cars 2 (Robert Zemeckis), Monsters, Inc. (Frank Oz), Monsters Unleashed (Rob Reiner), and more—including the original Pixar shorts.

Plus, you’ll also get the Pixar Animation series of shorts “Aladdin” and “Cars 2: The New Adventures” in a collector-exclusive bonus disc.

This Collection of Disney Animated shorts includes animated short films that premiered on other Disney platforms, including Disney animated short shorts that premiered at Disney parks around the globe, including Aladdin (Dwayne Johnson), Aladdin: The Lost World (Josh Gad), and Cars 2: New Adventures (Jason Reitman).

Disney’s Pixar Animated Series includes animated films that were originally produced for Disney Parks in the U.S. and Canada, and also includes some of its own animated shorts.

Disney’s Animated Series features also includes Disney animated animated shorts featuring original music and original soundtracks from Disney studios, such as The Incriciurs (Peter Gabriel), Toy Stories (Hootie & the Blowfish), Toy Soldiers (John Bell), Toy the Cat (George Clooney), The Great Movie Ride (Bill Paxton), Toy Pirates (Jack Kirby), Toy Rescue (Paul Verhoeven), and Toy Story 2 (Robbie Williams).

You’ll also receive a collector box that contains all of these collectibles plus bonus features.

Disney Animation Classics Collection features Disney Animation classics from the Walt Disney Animation Studio, including, Toy Story: The Adventures Continue (1991), Aloha (1995), Altered Land (1997), Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip


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