‘We’re a team, we’re a family’: Garbage collection worker who says she has lost everything but her baby

A woman who says her family has lost its only child says she’s taking on the garbage collector in order to find her way out of the city.

“I feel like we’re the only ones left.

I’ve been here for 15 years, I’m 65, I’ve lived in this city for 45 years,” said Maria Alvarez.

Alvaz’s mother, Maria, said she had to sell the house she has lived in since 1987.

“There was no way to find a new place,” she said.

The family has lived on the street for 15 to 20 years, Alvarsas mother said.

“We’ve been homeless, we’ve had health issues, we have mental health issues.

We have been evicted many times.”

But in October 2017, Alvaros mother had her second baby, which she said was the perfect gift for her mother.

“She asked me to make sure that we had her back, that I was going to take care of her,” Alvares mother said, adding she was hoping to have a daughter with the baby by her own.

Alvaras mother has been collecting garbage and recycling for years, but has been forced to stop due to budget cuts.

She said that despite being a veteran, she has been fired three times, and her daughter was left in the care of a foster mother.

She and her husband, Jose, have been collecting trash and recycling since they were children.

The Alvaros family lives in a rented house on the outskirts of town, near a vacant lot.

They have been struggling to pay their rent for more than five years.

“For me to say that I am a widow is not true,” said Alvarios mother, who said she has paid off her mortgage, and is looking for work.

“If I were a widow, I would be homeless.”

Alvarás mother said she does not have enough money to cover the bills of her daughter, and said she wants to start a new life.

“They told us that we have to leave because the budget is cut.

We cannot afford to go back to this,” she told CBC News.

Maria Alvarés mother, left, and Jose Alvarados, right, work to pay off their house, while collecting garbage.

(CBC News) Alvarars mother said her daughter is still in school, and will be leaving school this fall to finish her degree.

Alvases mother said the family has not seen their daughter since January 2016, when she had her first baby.

She told CBC’s The Early Edition she thought the child was a boy, and has asked the City of Toronto to send a doctor to check up on her child.

But the hospital says that is not possible, and the child is in the custody of Alvares mother.

The city says that because of the current budget situation, they cannot do anything about Alvarazs child.

The City of Ottawa has offered to help Alvarams family pay for her daughter’s schooling, and Alvaráxs family has started looking for new ways to get her back.

Alvisas mother and her friends are also starting a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for a new car, and to pay her rent.

“You don’t know how much money you are going to lose and what you are looking forward to,” Alvarys mother said in the video.

“But you have to take action.

You can’t go to sleep at night, because this is a nightmare that we’re living.”

Alvaries family says it is not an isolated situation.

A survey conducted by the city found that in 2015, just under 70 per cent of the families surveyed had lost a home or apartment, while the remaining 30 per cent reported losing their jobs, or losing their homes to foreclosure.

Alviars mother also said the lack of funding for the city has forced them to put their lives on hold.

“When you go to the city, the city gives you a job, you get health insurance, you don’t need to leave the city,” Alvias mother told CBC.

“The city gives us a new house and a new job, but we’re not able to find the funds to pay the rent.”

The Alvaradas’ mother said that if her daughter does not get her job back, they will not be able to continue collecting garbage for the family.

“This is a problem that affects us every day,” Alveasaras mother added.

Alvaas mother, her daughter and Jose are all collecting trash in their garage in the neighbourhood.

(Courtesy of Maria Alves) Alveases mother said it is time to end the crisis in her neighbourhood.

“It is a disgrace,” she added.

“To be able, in a community like ours, to have this problem and this kind of situation, and this is happening in the middle of summer,


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