What you need to know about the Collar River Collective’s new album ‘Crimson’

A new album from the Collars River Collective has sparked a massive debate about the relationship between Aboriginal people and white Australia.

Key points: The band say they are “shocked” by the reaction to their new album “Crimass”The band released a video for “Criminal”The album will be released on June 18 and is available for pre-order on BandcampThe album is based on the lyrics of the book of the same name by Australian Aboriginal poet Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Collars are one of several Indigenous artists to have written new songs for the forthcoming album.

Crimas, written by the band members Dolly Braid, Rhys Smith and Darryl Thomas, is due out on June 12, and is based around the novel “The Crown of the Crowns”.

“Crims is about the importance of self-respect, honour and self-discipline,” the band’s album description says.

“You can’t go through life like this without knowing that.”

The album includes songs about the role of the Indigenous community in the Australian way of life.

A few of the songs feature the title character in the novel, “The Great River Killer”, and the title of the album is “The River Runs Through My Head”.

“It’s not just about writing, it’s about making something out of nothing,” Dolly said.

The band, who are currently in a long-term relationship, say their lyrics reflect a realised view of the past.

“[We] don’t just write to be listened to,” Rhys said.

“We want to be heard.”

“It takes something from you, the listener, and gives it back to you.

It takes the courage to step out of your comfort zone, into the world, into something else.”

In a statement released last month, the Collared River Collective wrote: “There are people who do not understand us or our music, who think we are all the same, that we’re all the stupid ones who have been taught by the government, or those who simply have not had enough to drink, have been too busy, or have been sleeping in cars, or taken the wrong medication, or are lazy, selfish or have no morals.”

‘Shocked’ by reactionThe album, which has been described as “unrealistic” and “toxic” by many, was released last year on BandCamp.

It is a new album by the Australian Aboriginal writers.

Read moreRhys said he and Dolly were “shocking” by some of the reactions to the album.

“We’ve been asked a lot of questions about how we are portrayed in media, how we feel about ourselves, what the meaning of our names are,” he said.

“I think that’s been really difficult.”

For people who don’t know us, they don’t really get what we’re doing, they just see us as ‘people who write songs’.

“It just seems to be a very, very small minority who have heard us, and who think, ‘Oh, that’s it, that is who we are’.”

They don’t understand us at all.

But we’re actually writing to be liked, to be loved.”‘

Not just for us’The Collar band have released a statement on the album explaining how it was written.”

This is not an album about what is wrong with Aboriginal people, or what they have done, or anything negative,” the statement reads.”

Instead, it is a collection of songs reflecting on our lives as an Aboriginal community.

“The songs are meant to be sung to ourselves in order to express our sense of self.”

It is for this reason that the album’s title is ‘Criminal’.” “We are not writing songs about people who have harmed our people, our communities, our land, or the planet.

We are writing songs for ourselves to express ourselves.

“Rhys says the album will “explain how we live, our culture, our history, our people” and how they relate to the world around them.”

To our friends, families and loved ones who feel alienated, or who are in a position of fear or uncertainty, the album contains a number of powerful songs that we feel will help them connect to what it means to be alive,” the album description reads.

‘Not all people are criminals’Darryl said he was “shaken” by what he had heard about the band.

“What’s really interesting is, the music that they’re singing about in the album isn’t about criminals, it just is about being alive. “

“It’s about living as we live.” “

Darrys mother, Dolly, said “the fact that the song was about a”

It’s about living as we live.”

Darrys mother, Dolly, said “the fact that the song was about a


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