‘You Are Not Alone’ — Meet the Parents of the Moms Who Got Shot in Newtown

On December 14, 2012, a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children and six educators.

The shooter, Adam Lanza, was also killed in the attack.

Fourteen of the dead were children.

The other nine were educators and staff.

On January 11, 2015, the families of the victims will gather for a private memorial service at the Newtown Elementary School campus.

It’s an event organizers are calling “a gathering of survivors and their families, friends and loved ones to honor the lives lost, and to celebrate and support one another.”

Here are some of the stories from those who are speaking out for the families and to honor those who were killed: • Sarah Tuller, mother of five-year-old Dylan Tullers, was shot and killed in her home in January 2015.

Tullerr’s son, Dylan, was one of the first to reach the school, but was killed when a teacher shot and wounded him in the head.

• Sara Loeffler, a mother of six-year old Michael Loeffer, was the first person to reach Sandy Hook School on January 11.

Loefer was shot in the arm, but survived and was rushed to the hospital.

• Maria K. Smith, a mom of three-year boy, Jordan Smith, was killed in December 2013 when she and her husband were forced to drive into a snowstorm in their car and drove down a snowy road.

Jordan was also the first child to reach school.

Jordan’s mother, Kelli, is speaking out to honor her son.

She and her daughter, Emma, were the first two children to reach Newtown School.

• Sarah Gaskin, a parent of two-year daughter, Jessica, was among the first people to reach Connecticut Elementary School on December 13.

She was among eight people to be killed in a mass shooting at Sandy Hill Elementary School in December 2012.

• Mary M. McBride, a father of five, was struck in the face and killed on January 15, 2015.

His family, including his wife, also received a call saying their son was dead.

• Michael J. Stutz, a woman of four-years, was fatally shot and seriously wounded in a parking lot on January 12, 2015 while working on her family’s home.

She died at a hospital a short time later.

• Jessica F. Sorensen, a family of four, was on the ground floor of their apartment building when a gunman fired shots at them.

Jessica was hit in the chest and her two young sons, Jordan and Dylan, were also hit.

• Lisa Loehn, a young mother of three, was wounded in the back of the head in a car accident on January 13, 2015 and later died in a hospital.

She had recently been hired by the family to be a babysitter for her son, who was about six months old.

• Elizabeth A. Dyer, a sister of three was shot while walking her dog near her home on January 10, 2015 when a car drove by and another vehicle pulled up beside her.

Her sister, Rachel, survived the attack, but the other three children and the mother of their son were shot dead.

It was later revealed that the two other children in the car were injured and died from their injuries.

• Kelli Loehm, a former teacher, was in a classroom with her son on December 15, 2012 when she was hit by a bullet and fell to the floor.

She later underwent surgery and is recovering at home.

• Laura Kost, a nurse, was at a party with her husband and their three children at their home in September 2012 when gunfire erupted in the building.

She survived the shooting, but her husband was killed.

Laura’s mother is speaking to the media about her daughter’s death.

• Heather Loehmann, a teacher and mother of two, was sitting in her classroom on the fourth floor of a building when she heard shots.

She ran out the door and the students were running through the halls, where she had barricaded herself in her office with a gun and a book.

She went to her husband’s classroom to try and protect him.

She also found a handgun in his desk drawer.

Heather survived the incident and returned to her classroom that day, but she died of her injuries.

The story of the family’s struggle with grief and trauma is an example of how Newtown has changed and grown.

It is an opportunity to understand how Newtown is different than it was in 2012, when the city was a disaster zone.

It also offers a lesson on how to navigate a crisis in a place like Newtown, which has become a national symbol of gun violence.

What can we learn from Newtown?

Newtown is the only city in the U.S. to have a mass shootings of children every year.

The city is the safest in the nation.

The town is home to a strong school district


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