Black Vision Collective: “The Future of the Collective Consciousness”

Collective Conscious Mind is one of the biggest emerging groups of creative minds in the world today.

With their collective work, the artists create and share their thoughts, feelings, dreams and hopes in an open forum, as they seek to bring about a world in which all of us have a say in our future.

Their latest album, The Future of Collective Conscious Thought, was released on January 15, 2017, and they are currently touring across the United States, Europe and Australia to promote their debut LP.

To get a glimpse into the world of Collective Mind, we spoke to the group about how their music and their ideas have evolved over the years, how their journey is shaping the future of collective consciousness and what their next record will be.

First off, can you describe Collective Conscious Thoughts?

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your project?

We’re Collective Conscious minds.

Our art is a reflection of our own experience and a reflection on the world around us.

We see a world that we’ve never seen, and we want to change that.

So far we’ve been inspired by a number of different kinds of experiences, like being a vegan, listening to an incredible soundtrack, being in a band, traveling, experiencing new places, being with a lot of people, being a family member and so on.

When we first started making music, we started off making music for our own pleasure, but our love for music and the fact that we could create music in a creative space, it made us realise we could really change the world for the better.

We started creating music for a very specific purpose, which is to make the world better.

For example, we made a record called The Future Of Collective Consciousity, which was about the future and how we can create a better world.

It’s not about creating a world, it’s about changing the world.

We wanted to change the culture of music.

For us, it was a way to share our thoughts and feelings, because we all know that music has a lot to do with our everyday life.

We want to create a world where people feel comfortable expressing themselves and not just being silent.

That’s why the record was so important to us.

But when we made it, we realised that we needed to share what we have learnt from our experience and put it into a bigger vision.

What was your biggest regret?

We never had the chance to see how it turned out.

We made a mistake, because at the time, we were just trying to create our own world.

Now that we’re here, we realise that we made the wrong decision.

We were too afraid to say what we thought, so we kept on making records and trying to figure it out.

Why didn’t you just come up with a different name for your band?

We didn’t have a name yet, but we started to think about it.

It was the name we had chosen to start the collective consciousness project, because it’s the name that we feel closest to.

We didn`t want to be a band called Collective Conscious.

We felt that it was an inappropriate name, because Collective Conscious was something that was very different to what we were used to, so it felt like the right name.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a collective?

We think of ourselves as collective, but when we create music we don’t think of it in the collective sense.

We just have a collective mind and we make music for ourselves, so that’s very challenging.

The most difficult thing for us is to share music.

We’re not trying to do it for the world, but for ourselves.

Why don’t you talk about your first album?

We made our first record in 1998 and we started making records when we were in university.

The first record we made was called The New York Project, which means that we wanted to make music that was really experimental and new.

We created that record because we wanted a new way of approaching music.

That was our first big mistake.

We realised that it wasn’t enough to create something that we were really into.

We have a very big taste for traditional music and we were very interested in that.

But at the same time, that’s why we made our debut record.

We knew that we would be a huge success, but what we realised was that we weren’t really interested in the traditional music scene.

So when we decided to make a record with a new concept, we had to try to break away from the mainstream.

So, when we started putting together the record, we didn’t even think about the label we were going to use.

We only thought about how to make our record.

It became clear that we didn`ll be using any of the labels we had used before.

So we decided on our own label, but with the name of the record.

That made us very conscious about the way we are


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