How a yoga group’s founder helped bring yoga back to the U.S.

Yoga is a global movement and one of the most popular forms of exercise.

Today, yoga teachers, studios, and studios in the U, U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand offer classes in over 30 countries.

But what if the people doing yoga weren’t necessarily yoga teachers?

In a video that went viral last year, a yoga teacher from Texas named Natalie Coyle opened a yoga studio called The Healing Arts and taught classes to people with a range of health conditions.

In it, Coyle, who is also a certified yoga teacher, talks about the importance of the body in her practice, and how she has noticed a change in her students after their yoga classes.

After learning about the yoga movement, Natalie Cogier opened a studio in Austin, Texas, called The Healer.

In February 2018, she was named the Yoga Teacher of the Year for the first time.

She says that she and her students have seen a huge change in their health since their classes began.

“They’re getting in the habit of sitting with their hands on their hips,” Coyle said in a video released by the Austin-based yoga teacher and founder of The Healing Art.

“When they sit with their back to you, they’re more comfortable and they feel better.

I’ve also noticed that the pain they feel in their shoulders and the pain in their backs has dropped off dramatically.”

Since her debut in June, The Healing Arts has been open seven days a week and she says it has seen a lot of success.

In the past year, The Healer has been able to connect with over 20,000 students across the U and Canada, and Coyle says that more and more people are starting to come in and get their first class from The Healing.

She says that with the success of the group, she has seen that the movement is becoming a mainstream movement in yoga.

“People have seen the benefits of yoga, they’ve seen the value of yoga,” she said.

“It’s really a great movement for everybody.

I really see it as being a pathway to wellness.

I think that’s what we are doing with The Healing.”

The Healing Arts has opened up in Austin and is currently in Seattle.

It is also looking to expand in the next few months.


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