How to get the perfect bottle of wine in Sydney’s wine country

Posted July 05, 2019 12:32:48 With Sydney having the largest wine-growing region in Australia, a great wine list is essential to a city-dwelling Australian.

The answer, it seems, is to visit Sydney’s local wineries and collect their wine for your favourite local or export wines.

We spoke to the owner of the popular Sydney wine shop, Elie Pong, about the secrets to finding the perfect wine.

Elie’s Top 5 Wine List for Sydney This is our top five wine list for Sydney, with suggestions for every part of the city and the wine regions around them.

Read more: Sydney’s wine region is a collection of wineries that are all very different in size and in quality.

Sandy, in fact, is a region with very few vineyards, with just five wineries on its soil.

This is reflected in its quality.

The most popular wines in Sydney are: Almond Wine – this is a very well-travelled region that produces a lot of very high-quality Almond wines.

This area has produced the most award-winning wines in Australia since 2000.

Elie Pongs wines are all sourced locally.

There are no foreign vineyards allowed in the region.

There is only one winery in Sydney and it is owned by the Pong family, who own a large winery called Tuggeranong.

Nagano Wine – This is an old-fashioned winery that was built by the family of Napa Valley winemaker Richard Nagano.

It produces wines like Almond and Sangiovese.

Brampton Winery – The Brampton Wineries is a regional winery based in Sydney.

It has won five awards in the past 15 years and has the largest collection of Napo Valley wines in the country.

Alfonso Pong has a history of producing great wines and is a regular at local wine events.

He also works with a local winery, Nogalco, and has a large collection of Almond, Sangiovesso and Piedmont wines.

He also sells wine in supermarkets, but it is a bit expensive.

There are also some very good wines from the neighbouring Sydney area.

They include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sangis, Chardonnay and Sauvage.

Greensborough is another regional winemaker that produces great wines.

They have a very extensive collection of wine, and are one of the few wineries in Sydney to produce high-end wine from Pinot Grigio.

We love Sydney’s wines and can’t wait to explore the wines that are so special here in the south.

It’s great to have wine and wineries of all sizes and styles, but we really need to find a place to go.

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