The best of the WordCollect community, in no particular order

On Monday, WordCollect announced a new collaboration with Facebook to bring a new collection of popular articles to the social network.

In a blog post announcing the news, the company noted that, with this new initiative, “the WordCollect team will be working together with the likes of Facebook and Twitter to bring the best of WordCollect to Facebook users as well as the world, through a collection of hundreds of millions of words and images that people share with each other in the comments section.”

“The new collaboration will bring WordCollect users and other WordCollecters together to share content with each and every one of us, even if it’s just a word or two,” the company continued.

“You will be able to tag your comments, add photos, or share a link in one click.

We’ll also be sharing the most popular comments with you in the next few weeks.”

WordCollect is currently offering an archive of about 1.5 billion articles, a collection that includes the largest collection of the English language at the time of this writing.

The company’s new collection includes articles from the New York Times, The Economist, The Verge, The Atlantic, and many other publications, as well.

In addition to the new collection, Wordcollect has also launched a WordCollect Community page to showcase the content on the site.

Users who want to join the WordCamps can do so by clicking the link on the right side of the homepage.

The WordCamp community will be available for free until June 14, at which point it will cost $4.99 per month to participate in the WordCamp.


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