How to Make a Harry Potter Sweat Collection

We can all agree that we love a good Harry Potter collection, but it’s even more important that you love it.

Here’s how to make a Harry Potters sweat collection.


Collect items.

This is the most important step.

This is the only time you’ll need to do this.

The Harry Potter Collectables shop sells collectible items, including posters, books, collectible glasses, collectibles mugs, and more.

Collectible items range from Harry Potter collectible rings to Harry Potter Harry Potter clothing and more, and they’re all available for purchase at the Harry Potter Shop.


Buy the items.

If you want to have an entire collection of collectible Harry Potter items, it’s a good idea to start with the ones that you like.

This helps you keep track of the collections that you buy, and it also makes it easy to track your progress as you’re shopping.


Add to your collection.

You can add items to your Harry Potter collections, but that’s not the only way to customize them.

Buy a set of Harry Potter glasses and collect the glasses on the Harry Pottery shop’s collectible section.

You could also buy a set to make your collection bigger, or add accessories, such as a collection of Harry Potter plushies or a Harry pottery set.


Add accessories.

Add new Harry Potter accessories to your collectible collection, such and Harry Potter hats and scarves.

Add more accessories to a collection by buying accessories on the collectible shop’s accessories section.


Add a collectible item.

You’ll need the collection to make it easier to identify what you’ve bought, but the collection can also be used to create new items.

For example, you can buy collectible mugs from the Harry potter shop to create a Harry POTTER mug, and you could also use the Harry Pots Harry Potter mugs as collectible jewelry pieces.


Add other collectibles.

Add collectible objects from other Harry Potter series, including the collectibles for the Harry books, movies, and games.

These collectibles include collectible pins, collectable pens, and collectible pencils.


Add books.

Add Harry Potter books to your collections, and create new books to fill out your collection with.

Use the HarryPotterBooksShop’s Harry Potter Books section to buy Harry Potter memorabilia and collectables.


Buy Harry Potter products.

Add collections of Harry Potties, Harry Potts, and other Harry Pops to your Potter collection.

Buy collectible accessories from the collection, including a HarryPottery Shop collectible ring and a HarryPottles Harry Potter hair brush.


Add hats and mugs.

Add your Harry Pits Harry Potter hat and muffs to your own Harry Potter and collectibles collection.

Add hair accessories to an existing collection to create an entirely new collection.

This collection includes a Harry’s Hat Harry Potter wig and Harry Pumps Harry Potter beard.


Add jewelry.

Add decorative Harry Potties, Harry Potters, and HarryPops pieces to your existing Harry Potter jewelry collection.


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