How to make a photo album from the inside out

We’ve all got an image or two to shoot in our own life, but what about sharing them with the world? 

What if you could make your image collection public and share it online? 

A collection of photos from the life of Bela Fasiha, a young woman from India, is making headlines around the world and she’s got a lot to share. 

Bela Fassiha was born with cerebral palsy and her parents died when she was young. 

She spent the rest of her life travelling around the country with her parents, sharing stories and pictures from their time together, until the time came to take them back home. 

With her parents’ memories and Bela’s own memories, Bela has come up with a collection of images of her childhood, as well as some of her more famous ones. 

What’s the deal with this Bela collection? 

It’s all about Bela Alford, a woman from a small village in Kerala. 

After years of travelling and being in the spotlight, Belan decided to start a collection to share the stories and memories of her travels. 

When Bela started her project, she decided to share the photos in a way that could be shared by anyone who needed to see it. 

So she set up the collection on her website, then shared it through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

It quickly grew, and now, it’s a big part of Belan’s daily life. 

The collection is currently being promoted by her mother, who runs a photography workshop, and her family and friends. 

How does the collection work? 

Belan’s mother has a background in photography and also runs a photography studio in Kerala, and she had to make the decision to share her mother’s collection. 

In the beginning, Belas mom had to buy Bela her camera, and she used it to take pictures of her own family, as well as others. 

But after a few days, Belka started to take photos of her family. 

“I knew the images were going to be important to her and she wanted to share them so I started sharing them on my own website,” Belas mother told me over the phone. 

While her family is the ones who used to get in the habit of taking photos, Belga has also shared them with her friends and family and has also started her own photo blog, which is also a source of pride for her mother. 

Is it legal to share Bela and her collection? 

 It’s definitely not a legal thing to do, Beli told me, but she has decided to make it available for people to use for their own personal benefit. 

Her mother has decided not to encourage anyone to publish their photos. 

I asked Belay why, she told me that Belka has chosen to share her photos with her family through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Why is her collection public? 

There are many reasons why Belica is sharing her personal collection, she explained. 

First of all, it’s beloved by her mother and believe it is a source of her pride. 

Second of all it has come to her in a very long time and Bela believes that it will become a permanent collection. 

Lastly, the collection isnt just about believing in bela. For Bela, there is no thing more important than belica. 

Who is Bela? 

The collection has come out of Belo Ateneo University, a school in Kerala where Belinda is currently studying photography. 

Bela was born on April 6, 1980 in Kerala and grew up in Kollam on the outskirts of Madurai State. 

However, she was born without a hearing and couldn’t understand her father’s language until she was in her early teens. 

Today Belo is an avid photographer and she has been photographing every day for more than 20 years. 

At the age of 11, Belfa photographed the story of the Kerala Independence Day celebration in front of a crowd 


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