‘I was like, ‘I want to do a Disney Castle,” says ‘Walt Disney’ actor

Posted December 13, 2018 11:24:39 Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando has become a focal point for some guests and their families, and they’re finding out how much they love the attraction.

Key points:It is not the first time Disney has hosted a family event at the resort, with previous gatherings taking place in 2013 and 2014A few days ago, guests were given the opportunity to visit the castle with a Disney resort photo sessionDisney is planning to expand its resort at Walt Disney Springs into new parks and lands, with more than 10 new parks planned and plans to open in 2021Disney is looking to have guests come visit the resort for a few days during the winter holiday seasonDisney says the attraction will continue to be “an attraction that brings families together”Disney will offer a “family photo session” at Walt, according to a spokespersonThe attraction is scheduled to open at WaltDisney Springs in 2021, after which it will open to guests in 2018, 2020 and 2019.

But how did Disney know it was a hit with guests?

A few people have already been invited to a Disney Photo Session, which will be held on the day before the park opens, the spokesperson said.

The event is free to attend, and it’s the first opportunity for guests to see the attraction on the big screen and for some to get a peek inside the Disneyland Resort.

It’s a chance for the guests to meet the people who work there, and have a chance to say goodbye to family members who were part of the family during their visits to the attraction last year.

One of those family members is John, a Disney World employee who is attending the photo session.

“I think it’s great, it’s a little more family friendly than the usual Disney, but it’s still very family-friendly,” he said.

“And if you can’t find the family photo session, they still have plenty of family-oriented events that they’re having that are still very fun.”

Disney has held photo sessions for guests for several years.

A few years ago, the resort held a photo session for families to mark the opening of Disneyland Resort and California Adventure park.

The resort is set to expand to eight new parks this year, and has plans to add a fifth park in the California Adventure and Disneyland parks.

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