The ‘Walt Disney’ logo’s future has a ‘Disney-esque’ twist

Disney’s $3.5 billion acquisition of the iconic Disney logo has a “Disney-like” twist: The logo’s new design features the words “Walt” and “Disney” and the Disney-esque character Mickey Mouse in a rainbow, the company announced Thursday.

The company said that it was also developing new ways to communicate with its fans through the use of Disney characters.

The new logo will be used by the company’s entertainment properties, theme parks and theme brands, according to a press release.

Disney will also incorporate “WALT Disney World” in its portfolio, the announcement said.

It will also use the logo as a visual representation of Disney’s heritage, the release said.

The “WAT” will become the first character to use the Disney logo.

Disney had long wanted to replace the iconic logo with a “WALT Disney World,” but that project never made it beyond the concept stage.

But the announcement that the company had partnered with Adobe to create a new look for the logo came on the heels of Disney buying the music streaming service Pandora, which has a popular music service called Pandora Plus, in January.

The deal, which also included Disney-owned Star Wars, could lead to the creation of a new logo that could be used for merchandise, Disney said.

Disney is working on the logo redesign, which is expected to be completed in 2018, according, the Walt Disney Company.


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