This Is The Time To Write About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 – Exclusive Clip

6/5/17 The final season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones continues to impress viewers with a host of storylines and characters that will keep fans on their toes.

It also comes with some major new twists that fans have been waiting for, which we’ve put together below.

In our exclusive preview for the season 6 finale, we look back at all the major storylines, and give you the scoop on some of the new twists and turns.

“It’s time for another war.

We’ll be back on the streets in a year,” a voiceover declares, which is a reference to Cersei’s proclamation to the King in the North that the time is now for war.

It’s a clear message that the show is back to its roots with a vengeance, and it shows the series has really hit its stride, thanks to the return of a new voice-over and a brand new trailer.

The scene also includes a very familiar moment, as Sansa (Lena Headey) announces that she and her brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) are leaving King’s Landing to return to Winterfell with their father, the King.

“He will have the crown for the rest of his days, my darling,” Sansa says as Bran lays out his plans to take the throne.

“You know, it will be like the wedding of my father and me,” Bran replies, to which Sansa replies, “We’re going to be there.”

“You are going to kill my father, Sansa,” Bran adds.

Sansa’s new sister Arya (Emilia Clarke) is in her own line of work, and she’s in the middle of a bitter divorce with Bran.

“We have to keep her safe,” Arya tells her ex-husband.

“She’s my only hope.”

Arya is in a state of grief as she watches her ex beheaded.

“Arya, my sister, I know you’ll never forgive me,” she tells her sister, who then pulls out a dagger.

“I love you, sister,” Aryra replies, before stabbing the dagger into the ground.

“The man you hate, the man who stabbed my father is dead,” Aryha says.

“My father’s dead.

My father’s gone.”

Aryra and Bran go into hiding in Winterfell.

“Winterfell is our safest place,” Aryas mother, Cersei (Emilie de Ravin), tells Bran.

It is also the only place she has in which she can be safe, as she is a member of the Night’s Watch, who are part of a small group of fighters.

She tells him to take her with him to the Tower of Joy, which she calls home, and where she has been promised the Hand of the King, the power that will be used to control the world once it is safe.

“They’re going through a transition,” Cersei tells Bran, and Bran responds, “I’m sure they are.”

Aryas brother Bran is also present, but he is not in the Tower, which has been destroyed.

“Now we’re in the Winterfell palace,” Cersell tells him, as they enter.

Bran, however, isn’t quite sure what to expect.

“What is this?” he asks, to no one in particular.

Cersei says that it is the Tower where the Hand has been hiding, and then tells Bran to sit down.

“Come here, my brother,” she says, and points to a throne.

Bran then finds a stone tablet that reads, “The Hand has come to Winter.”

The King is the only one who can stop Cersei, and he begins to use it to control her.

“Go, Bran,” Cer, who is watching from afar, tells him.

Bran doesn’t respond, and Cersei then reveals that she is the Hand, and that she intends to use him as the “poster boy” for the new hand.

“Be my man, Bran!” she says.

Bran does not respond, so Cersei turns him over to her, who hands him the Hand’s golden crown.

“If you will,” she asks, as Bran reaches out and grabs the crown.

Bran tries to walk away, but Cersei pushes him back.

“Let me get this straight,” she announces.

“Your brother will be my poster boy, but you will die in your bed.


“No, no,” Bran tells her, and they both freeze up.

The episode ends with the arrival of Arya, who says that she’s going to marry Bran, but she’s not going to tell him the news before they marry.

“Not today, my lady,” she whispers.

She and Bran walk down the street together, and as they walk away from the door, they hear the sound of a car approaching, which they don’t see, but know is the King’s (Iwan Rheon) car.

The King’s car drives past the street,


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