Why the Castlevania Anniversary Collection is one of the best games of all time

Castlevanias anniversary collection is one that has been out there for a long time, but it is also one of my favourite games of the past few years.

The game is a classic Castlevanian epic with its epic story, rich and colourful characters, amazing soundtrack, and fantastic Castlevanese art style.

It has been ported to modern platforms, but is still considered a classic, and this year marks the 15th anniversary of the original game.

But the game has also been remade in 2017 with new castlevaniac characters and an updated soundtrack.

The first three games in the Castel-themed Anniversary Collection, Castlevain Chronicles, Castel, and Castel Classic, were released in 1993.

They were a mix of old and new, the Castle of Sorrows, Castle of the Blue Moon, and Castle of Darkness.

They are the last three games released by Konami.

They have a reputation for being extremely difficult, but they are also one the best RPGs ever made, and are arguably the best Castlevans of all-time.

They introduced so many new Castlevains that they were instantly popular and sold over a million copies.

The original Castlevanes, Castellania, and the Castlestaves Classic, also became popular as well.

The three games are considered the best ever, but the original Castel series was a huge hit in the 80s, and also in the 90s, with several sequels, spinoffs, and spinoffs.

Castel Chronicles, the first Castlevano, has sold over 300 million copies worldwide, and it’s arguably the most successful Castel game.

I’m not sure how much of that is due to the franchise itself, but maybe it’s the fact that it’s so well-received.

If you want to go back and play the classic Castel games and get the nostalgic feeling, then you should definitely try this game.

This Castlevane Collection is the first one that I would recommend you play.

I highly recommend playing it as the first thing in the day and to do it in one sitting.

This is one the few games that have the same storyline, characters, and art style as the original games, but add a lot of new ones.

You’ll probably want to try out a lot more of the Castellans other games, too, but this one is the best of the lot.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Castel Collection is available on Steam and GOG.

You can get it for $24.99.

It comes with all three games, two expansions (one for Castlevana and one for Castel), and a collection of collectibles.

It’s also compatible with the Playstation 4 Pro.


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