How Sonics got their name from a basketball-sized gem collection

After a string of successes with the Sonics, the franchise is returning to a team in flux.

In February, the team announced that it had sold its home of the last 50 years to the Cleveland Cavaliers for $1.6 billion, and that it would no longer be selling its NBA and MLB teams to individual investors.

This came just weeks after the team also announced that former president and CEO Nick Sakiewicz would be leaving the organization.

But in the weeks since, a number of players, coaches, and other staff members have stepped up to join the Sonic brand, including former Sonics players Scottie Pippen, Paul Pierce, and David Robinson.

So how did the Sonichos get their name?

The team’s ownership group has been a long-running story in sports, starting with the Cleveland Browns, who bought the team in 1925 for $15 million.

In 1926, they traded for the New York Giants, and by the 1930s, the Soni-owned team was a fixture in the National Football League.

But the team was not as dominant in the NFL as it was in the NBA.

The Sonics won a championship in 1937 and were a playoff team the next two seasons.

That’s when, according to the Associated Press, the NBA’s commissioner at the time, Bud Selig, called for the team to be sold.

“We’re a basketball team,” Selig said at the league’s meeting in 1936.

“Our home is here in Oklahoma City.”

The team was sold in 1946 and renamed the Oklahoma City Sonics.

In the 1980s, when Oklahoma City became the new home for the NBA, the league moved the Sonicans home to Oklahoma City, which became the city of Sonics for the next 60 years.

But after that, the club was moved to Oklahoma, where the team now plays.

It was last sold to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016.


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